iOS 14: Here’s all you need to know

Apple has just announced its new version iOS 14 in its first all online WWDC 2020, Bringing some of the biggest home screen design since the iOS 7. Here is a summary of all the other new features.

App Library:

It is a new view for iOS that allows you to organise apps in clean folders, Which can be accessed by swiping right and reaching the last screen. You can also hide certain pages. App Library allows you to quickly search for apps too, via a search bar at the top.



iOS 14 Widgets are better organised than before and you can even add these to the home screen. This dramatically changes the way your iOS home screen looks. You can also add a Smart Stack widget that automatically shows you relevant widgets.


Picture In Picture:

Picture in Picture has already been seen for the big screen iPads and Macs but now it is available for iPhone too. When you open a video and minimise the app, the video continues playing in a small window on the iPhone, You can swipe to the side and audio continues playing on the side.


Apple also announced a new Siri interface and a new app called Translate that supports completely offline translation for languages. Instead of Siri taking over your whole screen, now there’s just a small overlay at the bottom of the display of the animated Siri icon.


Similar interface has also brought to incoming calls and FaceTime calls which are less obtrusive instead of taking over the entire screen.



The main feature is the ability to pin messages in the stock messaging apps. There are also lots of new Memoji customisation options including a mask for your Memoji. iOS 14 also finally adds inline replies to iMessage. You can reply to individual messages, mention specific people, get notified only when you are mentioned, and a new group message icon.


Apple Maps:

Apple Maps now supports guided directions for cycling in iOS 14. Another feature is EV routing, which will help you avoid range anxiety in electric cars by picking the best path and helping you find charging stations.


CarPlay & CarKey:

CarPlay, which is Apple’s platform for in-car entertainment now has wallpapers. Another feature is allowing you to use your iPhone as a car key. This will work with a BMW car launching next month, and this feature will work on iOS 13 devices too.

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