iOS 14 UI Based On Leaks & Rumours

We are two months away from WWDC 2020 and there’s been no shortage of expectations among Apple fans looking at the tiny leaks over the past few weeks. We have put together few of these leaks and concepts and made an iOS 14 design concept.

Here are a few screens by Pranav Chaparala based on leaks on rumours.
Click here for the full project.

iOS 14

Home Screen widgets:
Apple is reportedly working to implement widgets that can be moved freely around like icons on the iPhone and iPad homescreen for the very first time. The feature is reportedly codenamed “Avocado” and no other details are available.

List View:
Apple is working on a new List view similar to the WatchOS. This new page will include a list of all application icons, making it easier for users to see all of their installed apps at once. The list view will include several different sorting options such as all apps, recents & unread notifications. This would make finding favorite apps easier.

Lock Screen Complications:
This is a concept we’ve been waiting from so long. Adding Apple Watch like complications to the lock screen displays all the information you need with just a glance. and taping a complication quickly opens the app to get even more info.

Wallpaper Settings:
iOS 14  might come with a redesigned wallpaper settings panel in order to offer a better organisation. The new wallpaper settings, will allow users to scroll through collections to find wallpapers easily, instead of showing all wallpapers together. Rumours suggest that we can view all our wallpapers from third party apps in the same panel.

*The notch from these renders has been removed to give a clear view of the User interface

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