Opinion: Apple should make a cheaper ARM-based MacBook

Image: Apple

With rumors swirling around in recent years that Apple is planning on moving away from Intel in favor of custom ARM silicon for Mac, I believe that Apple should recognize the demand for a cheaper MacBook that’s intended for both the education market and for those who need a well-designed machine for simple tasks.

Apple has been working on developing a new ARM architecture for its Macs for some time. ARM is the same architecture found in Apple’s A-series chips for iPhone and iPad.

We already see how these custom chips handle themselves when it comes to performance. ARM processors are fast, all while remaining cool and staying as efficient as possible. Now, imagine these same chips inside a Mac!

I think that when Apple fully switches to ARM-based processors in the Mac, we may finally see a cheaper ARM-based MacBook aimed at the Chromebook market.

I think it’s time that Apple develop a slim, but powerful Mac for the masses. By that, I mean someone who wants a machine to check emails, browse the web, create Word or Pages documents, or edit a spreadsheet or two. I am talking about those kinds of consumers who don’t want to spend extra money on a MacBook Pro when they won’t utilize half its capabilities.

Ideally, the sweet spot would be a slim device with at least a 12-inch display, ARM-based CPU, and be efficient enough to last more than a full work-day. Furthermore, I feel that pricing should be anywhere from US$649 to US$999. That pricing structure would put it in competition with Google’s own $649 Pixelbook Go and $999 Pixelbook.

We’ve seen Benchmark leaks of what an ARM-based Mac can look like, so I think that if Apple made a cheaper MacBook with an ARM CPU, they’d dominate the market.

What are your thoughts? Let me know below.

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