Apple releases AirPods Pro: Noise cancellation, new design, available​ on October 30th

Image: Apple

The highly-anticipated AirPods Pro is official. Early Monday, Apple published a press release highlighting that AirPods Pro offers a new design, noise-canceling, and will be available starting October 30th for $249. Here’s everything you need to know.



Unlike the regular AirPods, AirPods Pro features rubber ear-tips to ensure a tight seal for noise-canceling to work properly.

According to the press release, “AirPods revolutionized the wireless audio experience with a breakthrough design, and now AirPods Pro takes it even further with a new class of lightweight, in-ear headphones engineered for comfort and fit. Each earbud comes with three different sizes of soft, flexible silicone ear tips that conform to the contours of each individual ear, providing both a comfortable fit and a superior seal — a critical factor in delivering immersive sound. To further maximize comfort, AirPods Pro uses an innovative vent system to equalize pressure, minimizing the discomfort common in other in-ear designs. AirPods Pro are sweat- and water-resistant, making them perfect for active lifestyles.”


AirPods Pro also features a smaller, new charging case. The AirPods Pro charging case is shorter than the AirPods 2 case, but wider to accommodate for the new design. The AirPods Pro charging case is also wireless charging compatible with Qi-enabled chargers. I highly recommend this one.



For the first time in AirPods, AirPods Pro features Noise Canceling, Adaptive EQ, and Transparency mode.

When you place AirPods Pro in your ears for the first time during setup, a unique algorithm will use the speakers to determine the fit of AirPods Pro in your ears, and determine if its the best possible fit.

“After placing AirPods Pro in each ear, advanced algorithms work together with the microphones in each AirPod to measure the sound level in the ear and compare it to what is coming from the speaker driver. In just seconds, the algorithm detects whether the ear tip is the right size and has a good fit, or should be adjusted to create a better seal,” says Apple.

AirPods Pro features larger drivers and Adaptive EQ. Adaptive EQ automatically tunes the low- and mid-frequencies of the music to the shape of an individual’s ear — resulting in a rich, immersive listening experience. “A custom high dynamic range amplifier produces pure, incredibly clear sound while also extending battery life, and powers a custom high-excursion, low-distortion speaker driver designed to optimize audio quality and remove background noise. The driver provides consistent, rich bass down to 20Hz and detailed mid- and high-frequency audio.”

The Active Noise Cancelation feature of AirPods Pro utilizes its microphones to cancel out exterior noises. “The first microphone is outward-facing and detects external sound to analyze environmental noise. AirPods Pro then creates an equivalent anti-noise that cancels out background noise before it reaches the listener’s ear. A second inward-facing microphone listens toward the ear, and AirPods Pro cancels the remaining noise detected by the microphone. Noise cancellation continuously adapts the sound signal 200 times per second.”

Pricing and Availability



AirPods Pro will retail for $249 when it launches in 25 countries on October 30th. As of this writing, shipping has slipped to October 31st. Unfortunately, AirPods Pro is only available in white, meaning we may have to wait for more colors in the future.

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