Apple shares new photos of its Marunouchi flagship retail store

Image: Apple

In August, we published an article on plans Apple has for a brand-new flagship Apple Retail store in Tokyo, officially named Apple Marunouchi. Earlier this week, Apple removed the covers off its newest flagship ahead of its official opening on Saturday, September 7th.

Apple newest retail flagship is just steps away from Tokyo Station. In the heart of the Marunouchi high-end shopping, dining, and commercial district, Apple Marunouchi will become Apple’s fifth retail store in Tokyo, and ninth in Japan.

Apple’s Vice President of Retail + People, Deidre O’Brien, says that Apple Marunouchi will be Apple’s largest retail store in the country. “Marunouchi has amazing energy and our teams can’t wait to welcome customers to our largest store in Japan for the first time on Saturday,” O’Brien added.


The design of the store is unique to Apple Retail and Japan. The flagship retail store features two-story, curved edged glass windows. According to the press release, “two-story vitrine windows made from specially cast aluminum allow the vibrant street life of the surrounding area to connect with the store.”


The double-height atrium is home to Today at Apple sessions and where customers can sit down and experience new devices. Apple Marunouchi is Apple’s only flagship in Tokyo built with Today at Apple in mind.


The glass windows are lined with native bamboo plants, lit from below. Apple says this allows the interior to blend with the exterior. The rest of the interior is made from wood, stone, and other natural materials. Other architectural details are wide-open spaces with ample room for product displays.


Filling in the wide-open spaces, Apple Marunouchi employs the typical amount of employees you’d expect from an Apple Retail store. Apple Specialists work the sales floor, Geniuses will help you with your devices, and Apple Creatives will assist you with learning new things on your device through Today At Apple.

Apple says that over half of the 130 team members at Apple Marunouchi join from Apple stores across Japan. Collectively, the team speaks 15 languages and are ready to welcome visitors from around the world.


To celebrate the opening of the retail store, Apple has brought on world-class creators known as The Tokyo Creative Guild to present a special 12-part Today at Apple series.

Apple Marunouchi opens on Saturday, September 7th.

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