Apple’s latest flagship, Apple Marunouchi, opens September 7th in Tokyo

Image: Apple

Apple’s latest flagship store, Apple Marunouchi, is set to open in Tokyo on September 7th, 2019. This will be Apple’s fifth retail store in Tokyo, and ninth in Japan.

Part of a significant investment in Japan, Apple is set to open its latest retail store within walking distance of Tokyo Station. Apple has recently embarked on several retail projects throughout Japan, and Apple Marunouchi is only of those projects.

Image: Ken/@AirCanada330

Apple Marunouchi lies at the base of the Mitsubishi Building which overlooks the Tokyo Station. Those unfamiliar with Marunouchi, this high-end shopping, dining, and commercial district, is only a short driving distance from the Imperial Palace.

Apple’s other retail locations in Tokyo are Apple Ginza, Apple Shinjuku, Apple Shibuya, and Apple Omotesando.


Apple’s Vice President of Retail + People, Deidre O’Brien, shared a video on her Instagram page earlier today with the following: “Our teams have been working hard to bring our largest store in Japan to life. We can’t wait for you to see the stunning Apple Marunouchi! The countdown to September 7th begins!”

O’Brien states that Apple Marunouchi will be Japan’s largest Apple Retail store.

Apple Marunouchi will also be the only Retail location in Tokyo to offer a contemporary space for Today at Apple sessions and other creative experiences. Unfortunately, Apple Shinjuku will be the only Apple Retail location in Japan to offer Apple’s newest Augmented Reality [AR]T walk.

With the opening of Apple Marunouchi, Apple will be offering a collection of new Today at Apple sessions titled “Tokyo Creative Guild.” These sessions will feature several local artists speaking on their craft.

We expect Apple to release official images of Apple Marunouchi as September 7th gets closer.


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