British Airways purchases 15,000 new iPhone’s for their cabin crew for customer care

Image: British Airways

According to a press release by British Airways, the airline has purchased 15,000 brand-new iPhone XR models for each of its 15,000 cabin crew members. The purchase is part of the airlines’ £6.5bn investment toward improving customer care. Here’s everything you need to know.

According to British Airways, by providing each of its cabin crew members an iPhone XR, it’ll allow them to create a unique environment where each customer’s individual needs are cared for.

Image: British Airways

Crew members will “have access to a range of customer information at their fingertips, including previous flights and meal preferences, enabling them to personalize every interaction,” says the airline.

British Airways shared a story of one of their cabin crew members who were first to receive their iPhone XR. Bradley Smith, 27, was one of the first to share his story. “Recently, when a customer realized that he had forgotten to order a special meal, he was really impressed when I quickly took out the phone, logged onto and ordered a meal for his return journey – all within a matter of minutes in the middle of the flight.”

Providing iPhone’s to each crew member is just a small part of the investment the airline is making for its customers. “British Airways is investing £6.5 billion to improve its customer experience over the next five years, including the installation of high-speed, industry-leading WiFi across the fleet, which will help cabin crew access the latest information for customers on their devices while in flight,” says the press release.

Have you ever flown British Airways? What are your thoughts on more personalized care while in the air? Chime in below.

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