Apple Details Reasons Why They Decline Apple Card Applications

Image: Apple

The Apple Card hasn’t been released nationally to all of the iPhone users right now, but people who signed up for the Apple Card launch notification email got an invite to try out the Apple Card. But some applicants got their application revoked for many reasons.

Apple has published a new article on the reasons why they decline Apple Card approvals. These can vary from low credit scores, excessive credit card applications, heavy debt, banking account closures, and overdue debt changes. In addition, there’s information about how credit scores are determined in the approval process. The company also recommends applicants to check for common errors in their credit scores before applying for Apple Card.

If Apple denies applications due to identity reasons, then the user has to scan their Photo ID card by taking a picture of their card with their iPhone. The card must match the last name listed in the application and it shouldn’t be expired. If you put a different surname in the Apple Card application and your ID doesn’t match it, then you have to change the name in the application. You don’t need to change the first name on the application or on the titanium Apple Card.

All Apple Card applicants are subject to an initial credit check by Goldman Sachs (Apple’s partnering bank), in order to assess your credit score for eligibility. This check does not affect your credit score. Credit limits are determined by income and minimum payment amounts. Declining the credit card offer will not require a hard inquiry.

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