iOS 13 Beta 2 Released to Developers

Image: Apple

iOS 13 developer beta 2 adds bug fixes, improvements and more to your iPhone. These fixes and updates include SMB and APFS file transfers in Files, Screen Time Downtime mirroring from iPhone to Apple Watch, Picture In Picture on tvOS and many more awesome changes in iOS 13 beta 2. Let’s jump into the details about this update.

Firstly, Files now has its own server transfer to transfer files from a certain server. You can import files from SMB and APFS servers wirelessly, without the hassle of adding a specific configuration to access files from your servers. This is much easier for people who usually store large files on their servers and to access them on the go.

Secondly, there’s an update on iOS’ Screen Time feature. Downtime is now available on the Apple Watch, via integration from your iPhone. This means that your iPhone’s Downtime Settings are passed down to your Apple Watch. This feature was found in the release notes, but none of the beta testers haven’t tried it out yet.

Thirdly, although this feature isn’t pertaining to iOS 13, tvOS 13 beta 2 gets Picture In Picture support just like their macOS Catalina and iPadOS counterparts. This allows the user to seamlessly navigate their Apple TV without pausing the video.

Fourthly, Portrait Mode on the iPhone gets its new features that were introduced in WWDC a week ago. You can adjust the intensity of the depth and lighting effects via the Photos app and add another striking effect to your photos. This effect is named High-Key Mono, which adds an effect of black and white color to your Portrait Mode photos. Now you can take beautiful, clean and sharp Portrait Mode pictures on your iPhone!

Fifthly, Memoji stickers get 4 additional expressions to your personalized Memoji. This includes the fingers crossed, shush, thinking and victory Memoji stickers. Now you can show more of your feelings through Memoji, in Messages and many more apps.

Finally, there are some minor features that are presented in this version of iOS 13 beta 2. The home app has a splash screen for HomePod, with new features like recognizing multiple people’s voices and many more later this year. Mail app gets back the “Select All” button, making email sorting much easier. Even there’s an indicator for Voice Control on the top left corner for iPhone X, XS and XR users. It’s in a blue color when you’re using your iPhone, but it shifts to a darker blue when you’re not responding to your iPhone. Now you can override Siri from having to confirm your sending iMessages to your friends, by turning on “Send Messages Without Confirmation”. Another change in the Messages app is the new sound effects of the Tapback feature. An iPhone X user named Daniel Yount, who tweeted the feature to 9to5Mac said that the Tapback sound effects vary from the type of reaction you are sending to someone, which matches it to the Tapback you are sending. On the other hand, he also mentioned that these new sound effects remind him from one of his favorite games, called Animal Crossing.

The last bit of features we’ve discovered in iOS 13 beta 2 depicts of Notes, wallpapers, Safari, Long Press sound effects, and CarPlay. Notes now get decked out with checklists, so iPhone users can get productive and noteworthy at the same time. Wallpapers now have an option for parallax effects while you can either toggle Safari Link Previews on and off. CarPlay’s Now Playing screen has a new layout and the haptic intensity for Long Press is much stronger.

To sum it all, iOS 13 developer beta 2 has lots of features we’ve been waiting for, along with the bug fixes. iOS 13 beta 2 had many features among the Messages, Memoji, Notes and many other things. We hope you enjoy beta testing iOS 13 this summer and we’ll update you with a few more things later on.

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