Apple releases photos of Xinyi A13 flagship ahead of Saturday’s Grand Opening

Image: Apple

Apple Xinyi A13 is the Cupertino-based tech firms newest flagship store in Taiwan. Located in the city of Taipei, Apple Xinyi A13 will become their second flagship store in Taiwan when it opens on Saturday. The first flagship, Apple Taipei 101, opened in July 2017 and is located just 15 minutes from the new store. Here’s everything you need to know about Apple Xinyi A13.

In May, we released an editorial that Apple was planning on opening it’s second Taiwanese store soon, with the company adorning the flagship store with construction barriers to hide its interior. On Wednesday, Apple published a press release announcing that Apple Xinyi A13 will be opening this Saturday.


Apple Xinyi A13 will be the first Apple Store in Taiwan to feature Today at Apple sessions and a Genius Grove. When the store opens, Apple will be hosting a six-week long “Stage for Creativity” series in the Forum, similar to Apple’s Carnegie Library store.

Customers who need help or repairs on their devices can head to a tree-lined canopy where a Genius can assist them.


Designed by Apple and Foster + Partners, the flagship is a two-story design that mimics Apple’s latest flagships around the globe like the Apple Park Visitor Center and Apple Michigan Avenue in Chicago. The store features a carbon-fiber roof with glass around the perimeter of the store.

Addressing the design of Apple Michigan Avenue and their newest flagships, Sir Jonathan Ive said the goal of Apple’s new global retail design language is about “removing boundaries between the inside and outside.”

Over half of the 155 team members at Apple Xinyi A13 come from stores across the region and collectively speak more than 10 languages. Creative Pros, the liberal arts equivalent to Apple’s technical Geniuses, are experts in one or more areas of the arts and ready to pass along their knowledge to Apple users of all levels,” says the press release.

Apple Xinyi A13 opens Saturday at 10 a.m. local time.

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