Extend your iPhone’s battery life in iOS 13 beta with Optimized Battery Charging

Image: Apple Summit

iOS 13 extends the battery life of an iPhone with its new feature. This feature is called Optimized Battery Charging, a step forward to the existing iPhone Battery Health feature. Here’s what we know about this great iOS feature.

To start it off, the Optimized Battery Charging feature allows charging of your iPhone to 80%, then delaying to charge the rest until you need your iPhone. This prevents overcharging, thus maximizing the maximum capacity your iPhone battery can hold up too.

Next, this feature keeps your iPhone in a reliable capacity for battery health instead of leaving it on the charger, fully charged 100% all of the time. This means that your iPhone battery will surely last longer, reducing battery replacement rates.

Lastly, this feature has a similar purpose to Apple’s iPhone Battery Health feature, released in last spring’s iOS 11.3. These two features are designed to help iPhone SE and later users with the deterioration of batteries and throttling, which affects lots of iPhone users in late 2017 to mid-2018. Apple is trying to get users to make iPhone batteries last as long as possible and reduce the high iPhone service rates related to battery replacements.

Although the Optimized Battery Charging feature can also benefit the battery life of iPhones more effectively, iOS 13 hasn’t added any significant improvements to the Battery Health Feature. This feature can also become a great habit for new iPhone users as well!

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