WWDC 19 Attendees Pick Up Badges And Swag Prior to Event

Image: 9to5Mac

Today is check-in day for the WWDC attendees and scholars. Developers flooded the convention center this morning to get their badges, pins, jackets and a shirt. Here’s what we know about this.

Many WWDC scholarship winners shared photos on Twitter of the WWDC check-in and WWDC 2019 merchandise. The bomber jackets consist of a reversible design with a colored patterned side and a black side. The black side has “WWDC” printed on the right-hand top corner alongside the zipper pull, and the color side has iOS, coding and WWDC icons in a blue, red and orange background.

Not only the bomber jacket is one of the coolest things a WWDC attendee could have, but there’s much other stuff that they also get. This includes a set of WWDC pins to attach to their jackets. This includes a country flag emoji pin, a black Apple logo pin, Macintosh “hello” pin and 3 random Animoji pins. Scholarship winners will receive an extra pin that says “WWDC SCHOLAR 2019” on a black circle.

Finally, the badge consists of a blue lanyard with a black badge reel holding each WWDC attendee’s badge card. The badge card is in a light blue color matching the lanyard, with a minimalistic design. Scholars also receive a light blue WWDC scholars T-shirt, with an exploding owl Animoji. It’s unsure if the regular attendees will receive a WWDC shirt as well.

All in all, the WWDC attendees are ready to go for this summer’s event and we can’t wait for the keynote next morning, at San Jose. The WWDC Keynote will be streaming live at 10 am PDT on 3 June 2019.

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