macOS 10.15 Music and TV Apps Leaked with New Features

Image: Apple

9to5Mac received screenshots of the leaked macOS 10.15 Music and TV apps, a day after they shared the iOS 13 screenshots. These apps consist of the design language similar to the iTunes app and the comeback of colorful sidebar icons. They also present new features that will be released in next week’s WWDC.

First of all, the design of the leaked macOS apps depicts a grey sidebar that contains some of its content in it and a larger area on the right for most of its information. This implies that these apps will look like the recent versions of the iTunes app for macOS, based on its layout.

In addition, 9to5Mac says the colored sidebar icons are also rumored to come back to macOS apps. The color scheme follows in a gradient from top to bottom, in a continuous loop. This is significant because monochrome icons in macOS sidebars were very common in their older versions.

Thirdly, the features of the Music and TV apps on macOS 10.15 have been leaked, asides from the design. The Music app allows iOS device sync like in iTunes and the search bar is repositioned to the sidebar. Contrary to the point, all of the Apple Music categories are combined with the local iTunes library in the new app.

Last, but not least, is the new TV app in macOS 10.15. There’s a different approach in the organization, which separates the local media library from online media content. In this way, it enables each section to have its own categories with content. This is similar to the organization properties used in the Books app, which is also rumored to be in the next macOS version as well.

Altogether, this is one of the closest rumors we’ve ever seen for macOS 10.15. We’re already close to WWDC 19 and we’re excited to see the upcoming macOS 10.15 unveil next Monday. Let us know in the comments about the favorite thing you want to expect about macOS next Monday!

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