Back to the Mac: My top two favorite Mac apps

Image: Gerson Repreza

Back to the Mac is a series that focuses solely on the Macintosh and the macOS operating system. Whether it’d be hardware, apps, or tips and tricks, this series is your one-stop-shop for all things Mac. Today, I have compiled a list of my top two favorite apps I have been testing for the past month.

Amphetamine – Free


Amphetamine is a unique application that acts as a system stimulant to keep your Mac from sleeping. The app is available for free through the Mac App Store thanks to its developer William Gustafson.

I have found Amphetamine useful for exporting large projects or compressing files through Compressor. Amphetamine is a life saver for when you need to leave your desk, but cannot afford for your Mac to sleep during a task.

Amphetamine is fully customizable, allowing users to select a duration they’d like the app to run for before your Mac can sleep. You can enable Amphetamine to run while a selected app is running or until a specific file has downloaded. Users can also set Amphetamine to run until a particular time.

You can learn more about Amphetamine on the Mac App Store.

Pock – Free


Pock is a unique application for users with a touchbar-equipped with either a 13-inch or 15-inch MacBook Pro. Built by Italian app developer Pierluigi Galdi, Pock is a free application that brings the dock to the touchbar.


As of this writing, the developer is preparing to release a massive update to Pock that will allow users to add widgets like the image above.

You can learn more about Pock and download it here.

If you have any app recommendations, feel free to reach me on Twitter.

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