Apple’s second Taiwanese flagship, Apple Xinyi A13, is rumored to be opening soon

Image: 9to5Mac

On Thursday, Apple adorned its newest flagship store in Taiwan with construction barriers to hide its interior. Apple Xinyi A13 will be the Cupertino-based company’s second flagship store in Taiwan, adopting design language from the Apple Park Visitor Center and Apple Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Here’s everything you need to know about the newest Apple flagship store.

While no formal announcement has been made about Apple Xinyi A13, Apple has enveloped the exterior of the store in a white material to hide the interior while workers put finishing touches on it.

With most of Taiwan mostly speaking Chinese, the white covering features an Apple logo with Chinese lettering. According to Apple Insider, Facing the street is a large stylized Apple logo that cleverly incorporates the Chinese character “Tai,” while a second character completes the common reading of “Taipei.” The text accompanying the two large characters can be loosely translated, “Creativity on stage here,” while the store’s official name, “Apple Xinyi A13,” is presented for passersby.

The design for Apple Xinyi A13 is largely inspired by the Apple Visitor Center at Apple Park in Cupertino and Apple Michigan Avenue in Chicago. The store features a glass enclosure with a thin, carbon fiber roof most likely supported by slender stainless-steel columns. The roof features a wood-lined ceiling.

Addressing the design of Apple Michigan Avenue, Sir Jonathan Ive said the goal of Apple’s new global retail design language is about “removing boundaries between the inside and outside.”

Image: Apple. Apple Michigan Avenue, Chicago.

Unlike Apple Michigan Avenue, the Taiwanese flagship looks to only be one-story. Compared to Apple’s other Taiwanese flagship, Xinyi A13 may put a bigger focus on Today at Apple sessions due to its central location in the Xinyi district and a brand-new Xinyi A13 shopping mall.

Apple Xinyi A13 features a tree-lined exterior and path leading to and from the main shopping mall.

Apple has yet to confirm details of Xinyi A13, but we will keep you posted.

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