WWDC App Update Rolls Out For Summer 2019

Image: MacStories

The latest update for the WWDC app now has the latest information about this summer’s WWDC, an interchangeable, neon app icon and many more major changes from the previous two years. Let’s explore the changes and new features about this upgrade.

First of all, there are some minor changes to the design of the WWDC app. One of the coolest features is the ability to change the color of the matching neon Apple logo sign on the app icon. This enables users to personalize the app to match their iPhone color, wallpaper or their iPhone case! This is also the first time Apple added an app icon changing feature to their own apps.

Contrary to the purpose of the app design, some of the icons on the bottom menu have been redesigned to more streamlined ones, suggesting that it’ll become iOS 13 icons. The concourse map is all blue in the locations, instead of being color coded. That change is a bit disappointing to some WWDC attendees because it’ll cause them to be confused when it comes to getting to the sessions and labs.

Secondly, the app has the latest information about this upcoming WWDC. There are the new sessions, with their official names covered with phrases and emojis just like last year’s update. The badge pickup dates, labs and sessions have been updated.

Lastly, the iMessage stickers corresponding to this app has been completely changed, with neon stickers of Apple and symbols. Some of the stickers are animated like the realistic, neon signs that you find in storefronts.

As expressed, the WWDC app will also provide live streams of the keynote and session videos on 3-7 June, for those who can’t attend the event this summer. There’s also going to be a countdown to WWDC and session information on their Apple Watch complication. On the other side, Apple recently sent developers an “exploding unicorn Animoji” invitation.

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