Apple Park Celebrates Rainbow-Themed Event on May 17

Image: Tim Cook

It’s May 17th, the official formal opening day of Apple Park. It’s the day that we honor the late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs for the proposal of this new headquarters that carried on for a few years after his death. This special day carried out rainbows of the 6 colors on the original Apple logo. Here’s what you need to know about this significant event.

Firstly, we found out that AppleWeb leaked information about the rainbow stage last week. The recent interview with Tait and Jony Ive stated that the purpose of the stage is to use it for an internal event on 17 May. The event consists of the formal opening of the new headquarters and honoring Steve Jobs.

But there’s more than just the rainbow stage. The hallways and stairways are decked up in a rainbow, 6 colored carpets, a presentation in the rainbow stage and some rainbow colored merchandise for the employees. Apple employees received a rainbow Apple logo pin with the quote, “Thank you for being part of what makes Apple, Apple.” On the other hand, employees also got rainbow colored stripes on their Caffè Macs coffee cups.

Finally, recent drone video suggests that Apple Park is now complete with its landscaping and construction. The landscape is now well-developed with an abundance of green trees, and a larger central pond. This implies that Apple decided to host a formal opening of Apple Park today because everything is already done upon its development.

Overall, Apple Park is now a complete campus after a few years worth of construction and landscaping. Although the headquarters was opened to employees in early 2017 during its construction, it remains the greatest and significant innovation that Apple has ever done.

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