Apple Carnegie Library Opens Today

Image: Apple

Apple Carnegie Library opened today, in Washington, D.C. this morning. The opening returns the historic library to D.C.’s community, along with Today with Apple sessions. The flagship store focuses as a center of learning, creativity, and discovery while maintaining its historical beauty.

Hundreds of people flooded the streets and the store for the grand opening day, and it’s the first time Deirdre O’Brien joined an Apple Store opening. Apple CEO Tim Cook and O’Brien welcome the first customers who anticipated for the grand opening.

Apple Carnegie Library has many great design characteristics. These include Avenues in the reading rooms at the display tables for the iOS devices, HomePods, Apple Watch and Macs, the Forum for Today at Apple sessions and many more. The Forum replaces the circulation desk in the library. In addition, the stacking bookshelves are replaced by the Genius Grove, which the futuristic Genius Bar of today.

225 of the employees joined the store for the opening, which almost half of the employees live in D.C. Today at Apple sessions held in the flagship store will be hosted by many great people, including an artist named Jamila Okubo. There will be a StoryMakers Festival consisting of 40 artists, poets, writers, activists, filmmakers, lawmakers, and musicians to celebrate storytelling and encouraging others to tell stories. These festivities will last for 6 weeks after the store opened, alongside with a weekend block party for the customers to celebrate.

Thus far, the Apple Carnegie Library is another flagship Apple Store that restores the historical library back to life. The library remains a big part of US history and Apple has done a great job of preserving a library to a communal space. You can learn more about this store in this link. Also, if you want to learn more about the history of Carnegie Library, you can read our article here.

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