Bloomberg Reports Next iPhone to Receive an A13 Chip

Image: 9to5Mac

Bloomberg reported that the A13 chips are being built on a 7 nanometer by TSMC. These chips will be used on the 2019 iPhones, in screen sizes 5.8 and 6.5 for the iPhone 11, alongside the 6.1-inch next-generation iPhone 11R. Here’s what we know about this.

To begin with, the company TSMC manufactures the silicon of the CPU and GPU of the upcoming A13 chip. The new chip will make its way to the iPad after the release of the next iPhone and it will be in the next iPad Pro as well. According to the report from Bloomberg, the iPhone 11 codename is D43 and the iPhone XR’s successor is codenamed N104. All models will have an extra camera, whereas the iPhone 11 will have an ultra wide angle camera. The hardware upgrades will add extended focal zoom and extra detail in photos.

In light of the design, the iPhone 11 will be slightly thickened to half a millimeter, to allow the triple cameras. Bilateral charging, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S10’s PowerShare feature. Bloomberg shared these renders along with
these characteristics as well.

Thus far, the A13 chip will have the same features as the current, A12 Bionic chip. It’ll still have a Secure Enclave and all of the other good stuff from the previous chip. The next iPhones will have an improved camera as well.

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