LG 5K UltraFine Display Sold Out on Apple Online Store

Image: Apple

As of Wednesday, 8th of May, the LG 5K UltraFine Display is now listed as “Sold Out” in the Apple Online Store. It’s also unavailable to pick up at the Apple Retail Stores. Here’s what we know about why this product suddenly went out of stock.

First, the 5K UltraFine display was still in stock and available for pickup recently, but as of now, it suddenly became unavailable. Mac Rumors theorized that the stock shortage happened a few days ago, which Apple forgot to change the status on the website until now. Contrary to the point, the same thing happened to the 4K UltraFine Display a month ago and it also got discontinued from the Apple Online Store a few moments thereafter.

Second of all, it’s unsure whether the LG UltraFine 5K Display is going back to stock or being pulled off from the Apple website. If Apple is done selling it for goodness sake, then they’ll discontinue the sales of this product in the future. Otherwise, it’ll not be discontinued if they restocked the product in the meantime.

All in all, the 5K UltraFine Display is one of the displays used to hook up a MacBook Pro with its Thunderbolt ports to an external display. It was also part of the UltraFine Series, which also includes the 4K UltraFine Display that was sold until April on the Apple website.

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