Taiwanese man accidentally swallows AirPod, found it in his stool

A Taiwanese man named Ben Hsu, accidentally swallowed his right AirPod, when he was sleeping with it recently. He found out that the AirPod was in his stomach, based on its location in the “Find My iPhone” app. Here’s the unusual story about the man’s lost AirPod.

Hsu first discovered that his right AirPod was missing when he wore the AirPods to sleep one night. He realized at first that one of his AirPods were missing in his bed, so he grabbed his iPhone out and then opened Find My iPhone. He located and tracked the right AirPod by playing a sound, and checking through the blankets and pillows. It was nowhere to be found until Hsu walked away from his room.

Then he heard the beeping sound of his right AirPod following him around, and it was coming from his stomach. The AirPod was accidentally swallowed by him while he was sleeping, went down his esophagus, and landed in there! Then Hsu went to the Kaohsiung Municipal Hospital to get checked out for the swollen AirPod. The doctors had taken CT scans and X-rays of his gastrointestinal system, which reveals the right AirPod in the stomach. They prescribed him with a laxative to enable the AirPod to pass through in his stool. He was also advised by doctors to monitor his poop for an AirPod. They also recommended surgery if the AirPod can’t be pooped out within a few days.

Amazingly, the AirPod has been defecated a day after he was prescribed with the laxative. The AirPod still works and has 41% battery left. Hsu cleaned up the fecal matter on the AirPod and used it again.

To sum it up, Ben Hsu’s story about his lost AirPod was embarrassing, yet surprising! It’s expensive to get a replacement AirPod from the Apple Store, and the Find My iPhone app is the only way to track or locate your AirPods. Make sure you wear ear hooks on your AirPods before you sleep in them, so they won’t fall out in the middle of the night!

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