Apple’s Q2 2019 Earnings Results

Yesterday, Apple concluded with the second 2019 fiscal quarter and started the third quarter. They announced financial results in the last quarter and the updates to their revenue. Here’s what we all know about this.

To begin with, the overall revenue of Q2 2019 is $58 billion, and net profits of $11.6 billion. This compares to the revenue from last year, which was $61.1 billion, and $13.8 billion in net profits. Furthermore, we also see that this quarter’s gross margin is at 37.6%. This goes towards 61% of revenue for international sales.

Next, the dividend payment is $0.77 per share, compared to 38.3% in the last year. This dividend is payable to the shareholders on May 16th. On the contrary, Apple has an authorized $75 billion for share repurchases.

Third of all, Apple said they’ll be starting a new repurchase authorization share for Q3 2019 for $100 billion. They should end up with $210 billion in repurchase authorization by the end of this quarter.

Now let’s get to the iPhone sales from the overall Q2 2019. iPhone sales were at 52.2 million units, compared to 50.8 million in Q2 2018. On the other hand, the iPad sales were at 9.1 million units than the 8.9 million of yesteryear, and Mac sales slightly dropped to 4.1 million units from 4.2 units in Q2 2018. Apple CEO Tim Cook inferred that this year’s March quarter was stronger in revenue amongst the iPhones, Apple Watch and Apple services. He also said that “Customers chose iPhone X more than any other iPhone each week in the March quarter, just as they did following its launch in the December quarter. We also grew revenue in all of our geographic segments, with over 20% growth in Greater China and Japan.”

All in all, the second fiscal quarter of 2019 has significantly improved from the previous year. Mac sales are the only thing that dropped a minuscule amount, with a 0.1% difference from last year. The iPhone and iPad sales increased steadily from Q2 2018, which is a significant change for the company. The revenue is a bit lower than Q2 2018 because the start of first-quarter drastically dropped it due to low iPhone sales. But it’s now back to normal because CEO Tim Cook was impressed with the increase of iPhone X sales.

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