Apple publishes ads that highlight Accessibility features in iOS

Image: Apple Summit

Apple on Wednesday published four new ads to their YouTube channel that highlight VoiceOver, AssistiveTouch, Magnifier, and how to invert colors as part of their Accessibility options in iOS.

Apple has long been dedicated to developing advanced technologies that make using iOS easier to navigate for people with disabilities. The Cupertino-based company believes that “technology is most powerful when it empowers everyone.”

Image: Apple

The latest batch of “How To” ads were published on Apple’s YouTube channel on Wednesday. These ads help guide users in setting up the plethora of Accessibility options Apple provides in iOS.

In the first ad, “How to navigate your iPhone with VoiceOver,” Apple highlights VoiceOver. VoiceOver is a feature that can read the text on the display.

The second ad, “Invert Colors,” highlights the ability to turn iOS dark. It also turns any text white while preserving images and videos. (Hint: if you cannot wait until iOS 13 for Dark Mode, this is your best option.)

The third ad, “Use Magnifier,” shows how customers can use Magnifier to make physical images and text larger by using the onboard camera. For example, you can activate Magnifier and point it at a restaurant menu, it will make the image larger and backlight it so you can easily read it. Think of it as glasses for your device.

The fourth and final ad, “Use AssistiveTouch,” allows users to quickly toggle important device functions without lifting their finger. This feature is useful for those with limited movement or dexterity.

Being that I am hearing impaired, I am a big fan of the strides Apple has made towards Accessibility features and making their devices usable for everyone. You can watch all four ads above.

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