Aetna health insurance customers can earn a free Apple Watch through new Attain wellness app

Image: Apple Summit

Earlier this year, health insurance company Aetna announced its new Attain wellness program, designed in partnership with Apple, that takes full advantage of Apple Watch hardware. Now, Aetna customers can earn a free Apple Watch just by achieving health goals. Here’s everything you need to know.

“The Attain by Aetna app is a first-of-its-kind health experience designed in collaboration with Apple. It combines your health history with your Apple Watch activity to offer personalized goals, achievable actions and big rewards, like an Apple Watch or gift cards from popular retailers,” says the Attain by Aetna website.

Users can redeem awards like gift cards or an Apple Watch by using points. Points are awarded based on the completion of daily or weekly goals designed around the user’s weight and gender.

Image: Aetna

Aside from just activity tracking, Attain features sleep and nutritional components. Attain will also be able to remind user’s to schedule annual wellness checks, vaccines, and more:

“Healthy action notifications will include reminders to meet activity goals, get vaccinations such as the flu shot, notifications to refill medication prescriptions when they’re scheduled to run out, suggestions to visit a primary care physician if they have not had a recent office visit, and the availability of a lower-cost option for scheduled lab tests and imaging such as MRI scans,” says the press release.

In order to redeem an Apple Watch, users will need to complete their daily or weekly goals. Upon completion of set goals, those points can be used as credits towards a base-model Apple Watch. “User’s can order the base model Apple Watch (Series 3, 38mm) within the Attain app. All you’ll pay is a one-time activation fee of $15 plus applicable sales tax. You can also upgrade to a different model for an additional up-front cost. Over 24 months, you’ll have the opportunity to earn the cost of your Apple Watch,” says Aetna.

Attain by Aetna is available for Aetna commercial medical members who are at least 18 years old and own an iPhone 5s and above. If you already own an Apple Watch, you will need a Series 1 or above to participate. Aetna says that privacy is a primary concern, and the program is completely opt-in. You can download the Attain by Aetna app now.

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