How to Find Your Missing AirPods

Image: Apple

Picture this: You’ve been working out with your AirPods. After you’re done working out for a few hours, you find out that your AirPods are missing, and you possibly think that they fell off from the strenuous activity. Then you have been searching for minutes to find your AirPods, but there isn’t a trace to be found.

Now don’t freak out, it’s not the end of the world. There’s still another way you can find your AirPods, with the help of your iPhone, iPad or your MacBook. It’s all done in the Find My iPhone app on iOS, or on the iCloud website.

To begin with, your iOS device needs to be running iOS 10.3 or later. There’s no software required for finding AirPods on PC or Mac, as it’s done on the iCloud website.

Start by opening up Find My iPhone, and then sign in with your Apple ID. Once you’re logged in, you’ll see a map of your Apple devices. When your AirPods show up in the map, they can show real-time location if they’re still connected to your iPhone, or its last location if they’re disconnected from your iPhone. The location of your AirPods can be all together if they’re still in the charging case. On the contrary, you can also see an individual AirPod’s location if they’re not in their charging case.

Next, tap your AirPods on the devices list. You can also look at the dot on the left for the connectivity status of your AirPods and other devices. If the dot is blue, it’s the device you’re trying to find your AirPods. If the dot is green, that means your AirPods are online. But when the dot is gray, it means that your AirPods have been disconnected, out of battery, or in their case. You’ll only get their last known location and time for that reason.

Now let’s get to the actions to find your AirPods in Find My iPhone: You can play a sound on your AirPods if they’re connected to any of your Apple devices, and mute the left or right to find a specific AirPod. Your AirPods will play a louder sound 2 minutes after the sound went off. Once you retrieve your AirPods, tap Stop Playing.

In conclusion, you finally found your AirPods, hidden in the floor. Find My iPhone is the only way to find and track your AirPods, so if they’re offline, you just have to wait for them to reconnect. If you can’t still find it, you have to end up buying a replacement from the Apple Store. You have to provide the serial number first in order to get a replacement AirPod or charging case.

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