Apple Preserves Mangroves In Cispatá Bay

Image: Apple

Apple has been protecting the mangroves in Colombia since 2018, with their 2018 Give Back campaign. These mangroves provided many resources to Colombian people in Córdoba, Colombia. Their forest is located at Cispatá Bay, along the Caribbean Sea.

Luis Roberto Canchila Avila, President of Asoamanglebal, says that there are lots of people working on opening up more water channels in the mangrove forest. These forests help the coastal Colombian people with storm protection and their living conditions.

Canchila Avila also explains the reason why they’re opening extra mangrove channels. He says that “Because we are in summer, there are parts where the water flow is different and fish die as they are left without oxygen. It’s a delicate balance: too much river water or too little salt water, and the mangroves could be destroyed.”

Image: Apple

This is significant because if the mangroves don’t have enough passageways for the fish and the water flow, the mangroves can eventually get extinct soon. On the contrary, the water needs to be well controlled in order to prevent the fish from dying due to lack of oxygen. It’s also important that excessive saltwater can erode the mangroves’ roots.

Mangroves work together to store carbon, which is an important biochemical for everyday life. They can store carbon in their soil for years, even centuries!

Not only Cispatá Bay’s mangroves are getting extinct for the excessive saltwater and unbalanced water flow, but there have been other factors that deforested them. “There’s been many illegal groups working in the mangroves. They don’t even care about the sustainability of them,” added Canchila Avila. It’s true that there’s been illegal farming, fishing, and logging in these precious mangroves.

Conservation International says that when mangroves’ ecosystems are degraded, they emit their stored carbon emissions and become a greenhouse gas. They estimated that a million tons of carbon dioxide have been released annually from coastal ecosystems. That’s the same amount as the total vehicle emissions in 2017!

Therefore, we should thank Apple and the planet for preserving the environment. There are many rainforests and natural landmarks that need to be preserved, like Cispatá Bay’s mangroves. You can help the planet by donating to WWF, recycling your old iPhone, and many other things this Earth Day.

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