2019 iPhones to Receive 12MP Frontal Camera

Image: The Verge

Ming-Chi Kuo has recently noted about the front-facing cameras of the 2019 iPhones. All of the 3 iPhones will receive 12-megapixel front cameras. They consist of triple rear cameras, dual TrueDepth cameras, and a new, super wide-angle camera.

To begin with, Macrumors obtained evidence from Kuo about the new iPhone cameras. The note states that the rear cameras of the 2019 iPhone will consist of a telephoto lens, a wide-angle lens, and a super wide-angle lens. The cameras each have 12 megapixels, including the front TrueDepth camera module.

The note from Kuo says that,

We forecast the camera upgrade will be one of the new 2H19 iPhone’s major selling points. Critical spec upgrades are as follows. (1) Rear cameras of 6.5-inch OLED, 5.8-inch OLED, and 6.1-inch LCD will likely upgrade to triple-camera and dual-camera, respectively. A super-wide camera will be newly adopted by the triple-camera system, which is equipped with the 12MP/1um CIS provided exclusively by Sony. (2) The front camera of all three new iPhone models will likely upgrade to 12MP CIS+5P lens (vs. current 7MP CIS+4P lens).

We also believe that the front camera of our iPhone is currently in 7 megapixels. The note from Kuo said the front camera’s resolution will be 12 megapixels instead of 7. He also added that the 2019 iPhone will have three new cameras.

In conclusion, Kuo predicted that these iPhones with the newly upgraded cameras will release in September 2019, which is the second half of this year. Apple has been releasing every new iPhone in September since 2012, with the iPhone 5. All of the three cameras, for the 2019 iPhone, will come from telephoto, wide-angle and the ultra-wide angle!

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