Apple Adds Extra Security Feature to Prevent Accidental Purchases

Image: Daniel Korpai

Recently, Apple has implemented a preventative measure to accidental in-app purchases and subscriptions. You have to go through an extra confirmation step before you purchase a subscription or an in-app purchase.

The extra confirmation step involves pressing the side button or the power button twice and then pressing “OK” on the pop-up. This happens right after you authenticate with Touch ID or Face ID.

The pop-up also gives you an option to cancel your subscription, if you changed your mind about it. You can cancel your subscription through your iPhone’s settings app as well.

This new change will scare the app developers who trick iPhone users to buy subscriptions, as it’s the main purpose is to reduce the likelihood of getting scammed by subscriptions. Even people get overcharged by subscriptions because the price listed there is unclear and misleading.

Therefore, accidentally making purchases for subscriptions and in-app purchases have been coming up to a controversial issue since Touch ID has been introduced to the iPhone. It’s been getting too easy to purchase something, as someone can place their finger on the home button and buy a subscription. Thankfully, the added security feature for in-app purchases resolves the issue of the unintentional, in-app purchases and subscriptions!

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