Recent Patent by Apple Suggests the Comeback of MagSafe

Image: The Verge

Apple recently acquired a patent that suggests the comeback of MagSafe. We all miss the MagSafe connector in the MacBooks, and it solved many charging issues with the usage of it. Here’s what we know.

First of all, the patent suggests that this new type of MagSafe can be used in iPads, iPhones, and iOS devices other than the MacBooks. In response, Apple’s statement says that:

“When a USB-C cable is inserted into a MacBook or iPad, and something happens to yank on that cable, the plug connector can be pulled in a direction that it is not intended to travel, thereby causing physical damage to the plug connector and/or the receptacle connector.”

In other words, the USB-C cable can easily get yanked by something then your Mac, or the iPad Pro falls to the floor. The cable is harder to disconnect from the device, as it has a physical connection instead of a magnetic connection. This type of damage can be caused in the port, and/or damage the exterior or the screen of your MacBook.

In contrast, the MagSafe connector never has these problems with the USB-C cable. The magnetic receptacle in the port and in the connector makes it easier to disconnect, even when it comes to your cat running around your house.

Now let’s get to the information about the patent from Apple. The patent is named “Smart Charging Systems for Portable Electronic Devices”. It’s a concept of MagSafe ports in the iOS devices and the MacBooks. There’s going to be a configurable, charging component and a magnetic connector to “dynamically attract and repel” the connector to and from the iOS device or the MacBook. In this way, you can configure how fast your MacBook should charge, including the usage of power.

This patent has some safety features added to MagSafe as well. For example, your MacBook can disconnect itself from the cable when it comes to accidents. This can reduce the likelihood of physical damage caused by the force of your MacBook charging cable. This can save you a trip from the Apple Store!

The proposed MagSafe connector is going to succeed the USB-C port soon, and it has many great features. It solves the issue of MacBook cables pulling the Mac and knocking it down, causing physical damage. The magnetic connector is configurable and it always disconnects when an accident is about to happen!

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