HomePod Price Decreases from $349 to $299

Image: Apple

Apple quietly decreased the price of HomePod in their online store. Their price was $349, but as of today, it’s $299. Here’s what we know about the price change.

First of all, the price change of the HomePod is a $50 difference and follows up with discounts at Apple Authorized Resellers in the US. The price reduction also affects other countries, such as the United Kingdom, which their HomePod is £279 instead of £319.

Secondly, the sales of the HomePod is 66 million units as of late 2018, according to data obtained by Macrumors. Albeit the HomePod sales, their competitors Amazon Echo and Google Home only had 24% and 70% in the HomePod sales, respectively. Apple might’ve dropped the price because they can’t integrate the Siri services to these competitors.

Lastly, a note from Ming-Chi Kuo last April stated that Apple is developing its own low-cost HomePod due to not exceeding expectations with the sales. That’s one of the reasons why Apple reduced the price of HomePod today.

To conclude, all of the above are the factors that lead to the price reduction of HomePod, and the price difference, as of today. The HomePod is a great smart speaker that is more popular in sales than their leading competitors. We were hoping that Apple would add Siri to the Google Home and Amazon Echo, but the Cupertino firm can’t afford it.

Update April 4th, 3:04 pm: Changed an issue with title to reflect Apple lowering price to $299 rather than $229. 

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