2 Months before WWDC 2019: What to Expect from the Event

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It’s been a week since the March 2019 Apple event happened. Our excitement for the new iPads, AirPods 2, and subscription services have been finalized already. But if you can’t wait for WWDC 2019 for so long, you’d better read this article!

The WWDC 2019 event will be the same as the last two years, which it’ll take place at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center and during the weekdays of June 3 to 7. We should expect Apple to announce iOS 13, macOS 10.15, watchOS 6, tvOS 13 and many more.

Image via Cult of Mac

First of all, iOS 13 will be announced on June 3rd in the keynote address. This iOS version will be available to beta test for developers immediately after the Keynote and to everyone else in late June in the Apple Beta Software Program. Many rumors have pointed out that it’s less probable for the iPhone 5s and the iPad mini 2 to remain supported for iOS 13. That’s right because the iOS 11 supported devices still support iOS 12. Only 2 iPhones and one iPad were dropped, but contrary to the point, the iOS 13 version will require more performance and updated hardware to run the version.

Other than device requirements for iOS 13, all of the iOS 12 rumors people were asking for in early 2018 may roll out in iOS 13 this summer. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg claimed that the Files app will be fully revamped, split screen on the iPhone will be available, and there will be updates to both generations of Apple Pencil. There’s going to be a rumored “less intrusive” volume bar in iOS 13 to solve the problems of an annoying volume pop up in iOS devices. In addition, Macworld states that there will be vacation schedules for the Bedtime feature on the iPhone. This change will add different alarms so you’ll be able to sleep in on weekends and days off.

Secondly, the macOS 10.15 version is expected to be announced on WWDC. We’re unsure about the compatibility of this macOS version, but we should expect many amazing features to be released in this version. There will be improvements in Continuity, iOS apps in the Mac App Store, and the ability to cut and paste files in Finder. That’s all we know about what the next macOS gets these features, but we’ll get the real deal for it this WWDC! MacOS 10.15 will be available to developers for beta testing immediately after the keynote address in June 3rd, and to the public beta program in late June.

Now let’s get on the information for tvOS 13. We’re expecting for the TV app to be available in earlier tvOS versions in 3rd generation Apple TV and earlier, and the launch of Apple TV+ in the autumn. We won’t be expecting any big changes in tvOS 13 this WWDC.

Photo via Apple

Last, but not least is watchOS 6, the next software version for Apple Watch. It’s highly likely that the Apple Watch Series 1 needs to go for the compatibility (Sorry, Series 1 and 0 users!). But the Series 2 and later Apple Watch, including the rumored Series 5, are the supported Apple Watches for the future watchOS version. We’ll be expecting the ability to do Activity Competitions with 3 or more Apple Watch wearers. This feature will make the Activity Competitions more challenging and fun. On the other hand, the always-on display for the Apple Watch would be ideal, as it supersedes the ability to view your Watch face by rotating the Digital Crown. This feature is battery saving, and it’s a perfect feature if you’re in the movie theater or somewhere dark that you can’t blast your bright Apple Watch face out of nowhere. This will be available to beta test for developers immediately after the WWDC keynote on June 3rd.

This year’s WWDC will be fun and engaging for developers and Apple fans. We can’t wait for the revolutionary contributions in app development, iOS 13 software, watchOS 6, macOS 10.15, and tvOS 13. We can’t also wait to try out the new software this summer. Let us know in the comments about your favorite thing you want to see in WWDC!

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