Beats planning on launching their own version of AirPods 2 as early as April

Image: Beats by Dre / Apple

According to a new source, the Apple-owned Beats by Dre brand is planning on launching their own version of the AirPods 2 sometime within April. These headsets will be the athlete’s version of AirPods and considered a premium version of the Powerbeats 3. Here’s everything we know so far.

According to a source close to CNET, “Beats is getting set to release a totally wireless version of its PowerBeats wireless sports headphones.”

According to David Conroy, a writer for CNET, “the new true wireless PowerBeats earphones are expected to use Apple’s new H1 chip and have the same always-on Siri voice-assistant as the new AirPods, as well as the other connectivity improvements that the H1 is supposed to deliver. The battery life may also be better than AirPods.”

It’s believed that these new fully wireless beats will retain the Powerbeats name, just considered a more premium version. The current Powerbeats 3 model retails for $200, and the source believes the fully wireless model will not differ much in price.

As far as design for the new model, the only for sure design change will be the lack of wires like AirPods. But, being that these may be targeted towards athletes, it may feature the ear hooks like Powerbeats, just no cables.

The source says that Beats is expected to announce the new headset sometime in April, but it’s unclear when or how they’ll be announced.

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