Latest iPhone 11 Rumors Suggest that there’s Triple Cameras on the 2019 iPhone

Image: MacOkatara

The triple camera concept of the iPhone 11 has been brought up again. According to Japanese Apple news site Macotakara, they collaborated with many Chinese suppliers to create their own concepts of the iPhone 11. The site also states that the design of the camera is similar to the camera module of the Huawei Mate 20.

The concept of the triple camera in the iPhone 11 was first brought up by iPhone leaker website OnLeaks in January. The camera depicts of a square-like design, and not symmetrical like the iPhone X.

Macotakara stated that two iPhone 11 models in the sizes of 5.8 inches and 6.5 inches will have this type of camera. The second generation of iPhone XR is getting a dual camera like the iPhone XS as well.

In conclusion, the next iPhones will remain the same size but with a different camera. Some people think the square, triple camera module looks a bit awkward, but they still embrace the symmetrical, vertical camera like the iPhone XS. In this change of the camera modules, it can enable the iPhone to have more camera features.

The camera of the iPhone has been changing generation by generation, and we can’t wait for September to come.

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