Bloomberg: Apple is set on Oscars and Emmy’s, hires top industry strategists

Image: Ash Edmonds

Apple has big plans for its upcoming streaming service, and one of them is plans to take on Netflix by hiring industry strategists to craft campaigns to pursue prestigious awards. Here’s everything we know so far.

In an article published by Bloomberg, Apple has is planning to target prestigious awards with its upcoming original content on its new streaming service.

According to Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman and Anousha Sakoui, “Apple Inc. is targeting prestigious awards for an upcoming slate of original movies and TV shows, demonstrating grand Hollywood ambitions for a video streaming service that will compete with Netflix Inc., Inc., and established studios, according to people familiar with the plans.”

According to numerous sources, Apple is hiring a team of experienced Hollywood strategists to head the operation. In January, Apple hired someone from the Walt Disney Company and is seeking another high-level candidate for the project. Furthermore, according to Bloomberg, Apple may be in the run for an Emmy as soon as 2020.

Again, both Mark Gurman and Anousha Sakoui stated: “Recent announcements involving A-list artists and producers, along with the embrace of Hollywood award campaigns, indicate a commitment that rivals recent disruptors like Netflix.”

If you’re unfamiliar with a job the strategists have, Bloomberg summed up: “Awards strategists arrange screenings and other public events for Hollywood insiders and others who vote on which movies and TV shows win awards. These promoters must work within strict guidelines while ensuring voters see the movies and even spend time with the actors and filmmakers. Winning top prizes can draw consumers to subscribe to streaming services. It also attracts higher-profile directors and actors who once considered online video operations second rate to Hollywood studios.”

In recent months, Apple has been able to bring Oscar-winning studios like A24 and Cartoon Saloon on board. If you’re unfamiliar, A24 is the company that produced my favorite film, Ex Machina. Cartoon Saloon produced the beautiful animated feature, The Breadwinner. Also, during the Sundance Film Festival, Apple acquired the rights to the film Hala.

Apple is set to announce its streaming service at its spring event on March 25th.

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