iOS 12.2 Changes: ECG Support, Apple Care And More

Since the developer beta of iOS 12.2 since its first release had many small but important changes. Because of that we knew the new version includes support for the AirPods 2 with “Hey, Siri”support and also found evidence of the rumored Apple News subscription service. Here are some other changes which went unnoticed.

ECG support limited by geofencing:

The ECG feature is currently only available in the US, and has been confirmed in other countries on approval from local health authorities, that’s why Apple limits the availability of the feature to devices sold in the US.

But now Apple has taken the safety seriously, Up until now, Apple Watch Series 4 users who bought their Apple Watch in the US were able to use the ECG feature. In iOS 12.2, a new phrase has been added to the bottom of the screen, which says that “During setup, your location will be used to make sure this feature is available in your region”.
This feature will use the carrier-provided location data to check if the user is in a region where ECG is supported, not the GPS itself.


Warranty information and AppleCare in Settings

Apple wants to give clear warranty information in iOS 12.2. A new system, internally called “new device outreach” is designed to check the device’s warranty status and display this information in the Settings app, under the “About” section.

Now users can purchase AppleCare for their new device directly from the system, without requiring the Apple Store app to be installed. It is currently disabled in the beta, but it looks like it will be enabled for the final version of iOS 12.2

“Activity Rings” in Wallet

According to a report , Apple is working with Goldman Sachs to release a joint credit card, which will be integrated in the Wallet app and offer special features like the ability to set spending goals.

It was also mentioned that the team will be borrowing visual cues from Apple’s activity app, such as the Activity Rings.


AirPower support

Besides support for new AirPods with “Hey, Siri” and evidence of new iPad models, including a new iPad mini, the components on iOS responsible for interfacing with the AirPower charging mat have seen some changes across the different beta releases, suggesting that Apple is still working on the device, making sure the software will interface with it correctly when it’s eventually released. As for iOS 12.2, it will probably be released right after the Apple special event on March 25.

Credits: 9To5Mac


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