Kuo: Apple plans to introduce a larger iPad, revised iPad Pro, and ceramic Apple Watch in 2019

Image: Apple

In addition to other hardware expectations published by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in his report, Apple is expected to launch a larger entry-level iPad, revised iPad Pro, and a Ceramic Apple Watch Edition. Here’s everything we know so far.

Image: Apple

In the rest of analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s report, Apple is expected to introduce two new iPad Pro’s in 2019 “with upgraded processors.” No further details were given since the iPad Pro models had already been redesigned a few months ago.

Furthermore, Kuo added on to existing and already confirmed details regarding the iPad mini 5 coming in 2019 with Kuo saying in October 2018, “Apple has been working on a new version of the iPad mini with an upgraded processor and a lower-cost panel.

Kuo also confirmed that Apple is planning on stretching the entry-level 9.7-inch iPad to 10.2-inches by minimizing the bezels. This will make the entry-level the same size as the smaller 2017 iPad Pro. While many customers would like to see ProMotion and True Tone, Kuo did not disclose any information regarding that technology.

Image: Apple

Lastly, Kuo confirmed that Apple is working on a new ceramic casing design for the Apple Watch. Furthermore, Apple is working to bring ECG to more countries after it launched in December for the US market.

Apple dropped the ‘Edition’ Apple Watch entirely for the Apple Watch Series 4, leaving Hermès as the top-end model.

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