Report: iPad mini 5 will be faster, but may not look different than the current model

Image: Apple

The much-anticipated iPad mini 5 is almost here, but, it may not be the iPad mini you may have been hoping for. According to a new report, the iPad mini 5 will be faster but may keep the same design. Here’s everything we know about the iPad mini 5.

Many loyal iPad mini customers have been waiting more than four years for an updated iPad mini, and the wait may be over soon, but, not what they may be hoping for. According to reports from Mac Otakarathe iPad mini 5 will keep the same design as the dimensions are identical to the iPad mini 4.

The iPad mini 5’s biggest selling point will be its small size and affordability. Earlier reports pointed to Apple including an A9 chip, but we believe Apple will put either an A10 Fusion or, at the high-end, an A10X Fusion chip. An A10 Fusion chip will give it the same amount of power to the 2018 $329 iPad 6th generation.

Image: Apple

Furthermore, we expect the iPad mini 5 to keep the lightning port and 3.5mm headphone jack. According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in October 2018, “Apple has been working on a new version of the iPad mini with an upgraded processor and a lower-cost panel.

With the iPad mini 5 being touted as an “affordable” iPad, it will not include an edge-to-edge display like the iPad Pro or Face ID and TrueDepth. There’s a slight possibility that it may include support for the first-generation Apple Pencil, but we may have to keep dreaming for now.

We have compiled a list of iPad mini 5 related information below:

Late last month, developer Steve Troughton-Smith tweeted “It’s hard to glean much information about J210/J211, and J217/J218, the upcoming iPad models. It seems like both iPad sizes support a Smart Keyboard and Pencil.”

iPad mini 5 will be priced cheaper than the entry-level iPad at around $269 to $299. We expect the new iPad mini 5 to launch in March.

3 thoughts on “Report: iPad mini 5 will be faster, but may not look different than the current model”

  1. I surely look forward to it! It won’t be maybe one of my future purchases, but it still has potential in it. Strongly I believe that this is due to many expensive products with fewer features. I also made a rumor article about it, maybe you’d like to give it a glimpse! Great article btw!

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    1. Hello Harry. I believe the sole target audience with the iPad mini 5 will be older adults who want a smaller iPad, or even parents who teach their children on an iPad. At least Apple is doing their best to introduce a more affordable option, all while keeping the same Apple standard of craftsmanship. Also, I visited your webpage and read some of your articles, keep up the great work!

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