Rumor: AirPods 2 coming this spring with new color, grip coating, deeper bass, and AirPower

Image: Apple

According to new rumors, Apple is planning on a spring event to launch AirPower alongside the AirPods 2. AirPods 2 is rumored to have a new color, new grip coating, and improved sound and increased bass. Here’s everything we know so far.

While rumors should always be taken with a grain of salt, MySmartPrice claims they have a reliable source close to the AirPods 2 project.

MySmartPrice claims AirPods 2 “will not look any different” than the current AirPods, but will feature a new grip coating, new black color, and “superior audio quality” with deeper bass.

Image: BALR

The report goes on to describe Apple applying a new grip-inclined coating to AirPods 2 for improved grip. “The upcoming wireless earphones may come with a new coating on top, similar to the one Google uses for its Pixel smartphones,” says the report. Another report regarding the coating also adds that Apple may also use the same coating for the upcoming “high-end” variant of an iPhone 11 model.

Early AirPods 2 rumors pointed to the addition of sensors for new health features, hands-free Siri, and even possible body temperature or heart rate monitoring. In addition to more sensors, the report adds “Apple has made some changes on the inside to allow for increased bass.”

MySmartPrice believes that Apple will increase the cost of AirPods from $159 to $199 due to increased production cost for a new hinge, coating, sensors, and wireless charging. Personally, I believe Apple will increase the cost of AirPods, but not that dramatically. Of course, we won’t know the exact price until they’re released.

There have been numerous reports on AirPods 2 over the last few months, so, we’ve compiled a list of what we know so far:

AirPower is also set to release alongside AirPods 2 this spring. The report says AirPower will be slightly thicker than initially anticipated and will have three layers of coils in 8-7-7 configuration. In addition, “Apple is said to be working on a few “exclusive features” as well for the AirPower, although they will not be available until iOS 13 is released.” Rumors estimate the AirPower to cost around $150 at launch.

Alongside AirPower and AirPods 2, Apple will release a wireless charging case for the original AirPods.

Update, February 12, 12:16 AM ET: Updated article to feature “Hey Siri” setup card in the compiled list. Changed featured article image.

Update, February 12, 5:40 PM ET: Report: Apple plans to introduce AirPods charging case in March, AirPods 2 later in the fall

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