Apple publishes new Apple Music Memoji ads ahead of Grammy’s

Image: Apple

Ahead of the Grammy’s this Sunday, Apple has published three new ads for its Apple Music streaming service. The ads feature Memoji versions of singers including Ariana Grande, Khalid, and Florida Georgia Line.

The three music ads were published on Apple’s YouTube channel early Friday morning. The ads are used to show how creative you can be with your own Memoji character or create your own music video right from your iPhone.

It’s worth to note that Apple did mention that the ad’s Memoji’s were professionally animated and not straight from the iPhone.

The ads feature the following three artists:

  • Ariana Grande, singing “7 Rings.”
  • Khalid, singing “Talk.”
  • Florida Georgia Line, singing “Simple.”

Each ad is about a minute in length. The ads follow Apple recently posting Memoji Apple Music billboards in LA earlier this week featuring Shawn Mendes, Kacey Musgraves, and Ariana Grande.

You can watch the ads below:

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