iOS 12.2 Beta suggests Apple’s upcoming magazine subscription service is coming soon

Yesterday, Apple released the first beta version of iOS 12.2. Since then, developers dug out some information about upcoming products and services in the update. So far, they have noticed AirPods’ “Hey Siri” setup screen in the update, suggests that Apple may release AirPods 2 soon, and now a discovery in the Apple News app shows that it will also announce its own magazine subscription services in the future

Back in 2018, Apple acquired the digital magazine app Texture, which led many analysts to believe that Apple will eventually launch its own magazine subscription service. According to 9to5Mac, Apple is indeed working on it: in the iOS 12.2 beta, there is a hidden landing page, in which reveals that the company will call the service “Apple News Magazines”, although this is still used for internal testing.

It seems like that users can subscribe and view magazines directly in the Apple News app, and iTunes will process payments, similar to how Apple Music works. Currently, the Texture app is still available in the App Store, and you can read more than 200 magazines for $9.99 a month, including Time, National Geography, Shape, and Newsweek.

At the same time, Apple may launch a subscription service in March, or plan to launch an all-in-one media subscription, including Apple Music, its original content and magazines. The company is also rumored that it will release the iPad mini 5 and 10-inch iPad models in the spring.

Image Via 9to5Mac

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