Back to the Mac 02: Enabling “Hey Siri” on your Mac

Image: Apple

Back to the Mac is a new series that digs deeper into macOS. Each week, I will review unique apps, reveal tips and tricks, and teach you how to further customize your Mac experience. This week, we will look into adding “Hey Siri” support on your Mac.

Hey Siri, what’s the weather.” Siri is available on virtually every device from iPhone, HomePod, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, iPod touch, to even in your car. While Siri was introduced to the Mac in macOS Sierra, “Hey Siri” functionality is not available natively like the other devices, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be done.

How to enable Siri on Mac:

In order to enable “Hey Siri” on your Mac, you will first need to make sure Siri is enabled. To check, go to System Preferences > Siri. Then, make sure “Enable Ask Siri” is checked ON (blue bubble with a white checkmark). You may also want to make sure that “Voice Feedback” is ON as well. You can also change the Keyboard Shortcut you want to use to bring up Siri when not using your voice.


After you’ve completed that step, you will need to go back to System Preferences, then go to Accessibility.


After you go to System Preferences > Accessibility, you will want to scroll down on the left side to click on Dictation.


To enable Dictation preferences, you will need to click “Open Dictation Preferences.” Once clicked, you will be taken to Dictation in the Keyboard preferences. You will need to enable Dictation, and “Use Enhanced Dictation.” It will then need to download 1.2GB of files to your Mac.

If you have multiple microphones, you can choose which one you want to use for Siri.


Now, go back to Accessibility > Dictation. Check ‘Enable the dictation keyword phrase.’ Once you’ve done that, replace the word “Computer” with “Hey.”

Image: MacWorld

After you’ve completed that step, click on the Dictation Commands button. An overlay will appear, and towards the bottom of the left column, click Enable Advanced Commands.

Image: MacWorld

Click the + button. Enter:

When I say: Siri

While Using: Any Application

Perform: From the pop-up menu, select Press Keyboard Shortcut. The entry box will show “Press keys now” in light gray. Press the keyboard shortcut you use for Siri. In this case, I use Hold ⌘, Space Bar.

Click Done.

Doing the “Hey Siri” command will also trigger your other Apple devices. You can change “Hey” to “Hello” only on Mac.


You may need to restart your Mac for the changes to take effect. For a full list of Siri Mac Commands, click here. Furthermore, if you’re interested in downloading the wallpaper I used in the images above, click here.

If you enjoyed this and found this helpful, let me know in the comments. Also, if there’s a specific app you want to see reviewed, feel free to comment that as well.

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