This Is How iOS 13 Should Look Like.

Concept Image: Jacob Rendina

iOS met its biggest redesign with iOS 7, Apple switched from skeuomorphism to a Flat Material UI, but, with a serious redesign expected in iOS 13, we expect more than just a visual change.

Skeuomorphism is a design principle that makes something new look like something old and familiar. It has multiple layers with shadows giving you a better interaction with a device.


This was the trend with iOS when it was originally designed by Scott Forstall and has been for around 6 iterations. Though the material/flat design is more appealing than skeuomorphism, it will give the user much better experience and a completely new interface.

But all this was trending 5 years ago and there can be a lot of better improvements made with iOS 13.


Anisotropism is where a virtual object takes on a different appearance depending on the angle from which you view it. An old-fashioned monitor would be a simple example, where the brightness would fall off dramatically when you viewed the screen at an angle. A reflective object is an even more obvious example.

This is already being used with apple pay card on apple pay app.

Here is a small demonstration By Bob Burrough :


Credits: 9To5Mac

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