IKEA to launch HomeKit enabled smart blinds in the US this Spring

Image: Apple

In 2018, IKEA announced they had plans to introduce a line of smart blinds, now, they have officially gone on sale in Germany. IKEA then announced they will bring their ‘Fyrtur’ HomeKit-enabled blinds to the United States starting on April 1st, 2019. Here’s what we know so far.

Image: IKEA

In 2017, the Swedish home furnishing giant, IKEA, introduced their TRÅDFRI line of smart lighting to pave the way for future smart-enabled offerings. In September 2018, IKEA announced plans to enter the smart blind market by offering affordable, quality, blinds that will be smart-enabled.

According to Fast Company, an IKEA spokeswoman reached out via email to inform them “Fyrtur will be available in all of IKEA’s United States stores starting April 1.” IKEA has already begun selling the ‘Frytur’ and ‘Kadrilj’ smart blinds in Germany, but only the blackout Frytur model will be sold in the United States.

According to IKEA Germany’s product page, “With the included remote control or the IKEA TRÅDFRI app in the smartphone, the blinds can be set without you having to get up from bed. The darkening special fabric does not let light through – perfect for the bedroom.” IKEA also added, “Complete for control via Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Google Home with TRÅDFRI Gateway and TRÅDFRI App.”

In order for ‘Frytur’ to communicate with HomeKit, you will need to purchase the TRÅDFRI Gateway and app. The Gateway will set you back US $29.99. The system is powered by a USB-rechargeable battery pack and will work with the VIDGA curtain rail system, and the VIDGA Single Track set costing US $18.00.

When Frytur goes on sale April 1st in the United States, it will cost around US $130-135. Compared to offerings for similar smart-blind systems, this is an extremely affordable option.

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