Report: Apple Face ID supplier has developed a new sensor that goes behind the OLED panel

Image: Apple

According to a new report, the supplier behind the iPhone’s optical sensors for Face ID, have developed a new light and infrared proximity sensor that can go behind the OLED display, removing the need for a notch. Here’s what we know.

AMS, Austria Mikro Systeme, is one of the Apple suppliers that manufactures the optical sensors used in Face ID, have developed a new light and infrared proximity sensor called “behind OLED,” that can literally be behind the OLED display.

As reported first by Reuters, the new technology can reduce the area required for such sensors, thus allowing for a larger display.

The official name for these sensors is TCS3701According to AMS, “By developing this ‘behind OLED’ ambient light/proximity sensor, AMS enables smartphone manufacturers to achieve the highest possible ratio of the display area to body size,” and “The TCS3701 enables phone designers to take this trend to a new level, potentially eliminating the bezel entirely.

Image: Apple. Face ID on iPhone Xs.

Furthermore, in regards to what light sensors and infrared sensors are used for, AMS says that “light sensors are used to set display brightness, while infrared sensors are used in areas such as facial recognition.”

One thing to make clear, AMS isn’t the sole supplier for all the Face ID parts, as Face ID is made up of an infrared camera, flood illuminator, an ambient light sensor, and a dot projector. Also, solely with the AMS sensor, it cannot remove the “notch” entirely, but, it is a stepping stone to get to that point.

What do you think of the notch? Would you love to see it go, or you just don’t care about it? Leave your comment below, or join the discussion on our Telegram group.

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