Apple’s Image

Image from AppleSummit archive

Apple’s expectations for selling iPhones have fallen short, leading many to panic about Apple’s future.

But to suggest Apple, a company that was valued at one trillion dollars a few months ago, is going to go bankrupt within the next few years, is to lie.

But that is not the point of this article.

Shortly after Apple announced their misjudgment for iPhone profits, the internet was quick to react. Multiple news organizations published articles with elusive titles, suggesting there is something going wrong at Apple. This, in turn, causes readers and viewers to immediately react to Apple’s announcement with alarm, leading to additional panic centered around Apple’s success.

However, this is a problem that Apple has dealt with multiple times in the past, and will continue to fly by with no problem.

“How?” one may ask. Let me begin with a brief anecdote. Years after watching the film, The World is Not Enough, a simple quote has remained in my mind since: “Never let them see you bleed.” 

In other words, refrain from showing your opponent weakness; Apple does this well.

For example, in regards to the iPhone 4 antenna fiasco, in which users experienced poor data reception, Apple posted a statement narcissistically asserting the iPhone 4 is pretty much the “best smartphone ever,” later claiming they were “stunned to find that a formula [used] to calculate [the] signal strength [was] totally wrong,” and ending again saying the iPhone 4 is still the best.

Apple is excellent at covering up their faults. Which can be a good thing or a bad thing.

It can be a ‘good thing’ in regards to this recent profit miscalculation; Apple’s ability to repent criticism will serve them justice in the coming months. Eventually, this fiasco will just die down like all the other internet trends, and Apple will continue selling their products.

However, it can be a ‘bad thing’ in regards to how Apple appears to us. We cannot ignore that with Apple not acknowledging their faults, it can appear that they are being the elusive ones.

Thus, Apple’s image is a tough nut to crack. This ‘profit panic’ will simply blow over in the coming months. But Apple must do a better job being more open to their customers, otherwise their commitment to remain “Open” will end up being “Closed.”

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