Apple launches ‘Back to Uni’ promo for Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, and Chinese New Year Gift Guide

Image: Apple

Today, Apple officially launched a few noteworthy pages to its website for various countries. Apple launched their ‘Back to Uni’ school promotion for Australia, Brazil, and New Zealand, offering many discounts on products, and you get Beats when you buy a Mac or iPad Pro. Apple also launched a Chinese New Year gift guide. Here’s everything we know.

‘Back to Uni’ Promotional Event

Apple has officially launched its ‘Back to Uni’ promotion event for students in Australia, Brazil, and New Zealand, who want to purchase a Mac or iPad Pro at an education discount, along with a pair of Beats, and software discounts.

Image: Apple

The exact offers Apple is giving students depends on the country in which the promotion is active. For example, students receive a free pair of Beats Solo3 when they purchase a new Mac, but, if you purchase an iPad Pro, you receive a pair of Powerbeats3.

Students in New Zealand get up to NZ$340 off a qualifying Mac, an additional 20 percent off AppleCare+, and discounts on qualifying accessories. Furthermore, for students interested in the Pro Tools bundle with Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, Motion 5, Compressor 4, and MainStage 3, it will cost them NZ$349.99. Apple Music is NZ$7.49 a month.

Students in Australia get up to A$290 off a qualifying Mac, with the same additional 20 percent off AppleCare+, and with discounts on qualifying accessories. The Pro Tools bundle is A$299.99. Australia is the only country that Apple is allowing trade-ins as part of the deal.

Students in Brazil get up to R $1,760 off a qualifying Mac, along with the same discounts on AppleCare+ and accessories. Pro Tools is offered at R $749.90.

Image: Apple, 10.5′ iPad Pro.

In all countries, the 10.5′, 11′, and 12.9′-inch iPad Pro is available at the normal education pricing, with 20 percent off AppleCare protection, and Apple Pencil at a discount. You receive a pair of Beats Powerbeats3 with an iPad Pro.

Chinese New Year Gift Guide

Image: Apple

Alongside the promotion for uni students, Apple also launched its Chinese New Year gift guide for customers in China, despite ongoing tensions.

To clarify, Apple does not have discounts on the Chinese Gift Guide. The page only serves as a display of products that Apple believes many Chinese would love during the holiday. iPhone Xs starts at RMB 8,699, and iPhone Xs Max is RMB 9,599.

The page also shows off the Apple Watch Series 4, among other accessories for iPhone, iPad Pro, and Apple Watch Series 4.

Apple took the Chinese New Year Gift Guide as an opportunity to launch a New Year’s Special Edition of the Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones in Silver Wing Grey. The Beats Solo3’s are equipped with the Apple W1 chip for “battery life of up to 40 hours, and Fast Fuel technology for 3 hours of continuous playback for 3 hours.” The headphones retail for RMB 2,268.

Image: Apple

For our readers in China, we wish you an early very Happy Chinese New Year. To our readers in the United States, like myself, we also wish you a very Happy New Year. Also, to our friends and readers around the globe, we also wish you a healthy Happy New Year. Keep in touch by joining our Telegram group here.


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