Everything We Want With The Next iPhone.

Apple Is Now Facing A Lot Of Problems And They Need Some Really Big Changes To Increase Their Sales, So We Hope For Some Big Changes. This Is All What iPhone Has To Change.

1. A New Design:

Apple has already launched its ‘S’ upgrade in 2018 so we can expect some changes this year.

  1. The boxed design of the iPhone 5 can return as the 2018 iPad Pro has a similar design.
  2. The notch should get smaller or apple should look for some interesting alternatives.
  3. The camera bump which has made a debut in the iPhone 6 has to be reduced.

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 10.34.04 AM.png


2. New Port:

The Lightning Port has replaced the classic 30 pin port since the iPhone 5. But now they have replaced it on their latest iPad Pro with the USB Type C. It not only would add a lot of features but would simplify their life as the macbook, iPad and iPhone Would Share the same charger and there is a USB-C Apple watch cable available.



3. Display Upgrades:

  1. Though The iPhone has one of the best display it has faced a serious issue regarding the screen resolution so they should probably increase the resolution.
  2. The 3D touch should not be ditched as it decreases a lot of features which haptic touch can’t replace.
  3. The iPhone must be able to support the apple pencil as the larger display on Max iPhone can make use of the pencil.

4. Camera Upgrades:

  1. 2019 iPhones should feature a triple lens rear camera system. It’s also not clear if all models could have a triple lens rear camera, or if this will be reserved for the XS and XS Max successors.
  2. The front camera should make a complete use of 3D FaceID sensor for front camera portrait mode for a better edge detection.

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 11.24.56 AM.png

5. Apple A13 Chip:

The A12 chip is probably the most powerful chip ever released. The iOS 13 could make a better use of the A13 chip making a handheld computers.



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