The Latest Display Patents for Future iPhones

We have almost reached the zenith of smartphone technologies and the only things we can expect to change in a few years is the display technology so here are the latest Apple patents.

The Camera Hole:

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted Apple a patent for a ‘camera integrated window’. The device design in the patent application shows the camera hole on the top right corner. It says the cover glass will be made of a strong and transparent material and the publication speculates that Corning may develop this cover glass owing to its partnership with Apple.

Water Sensitive Display:

Apple applied for the patent in June this year and was granted the same in November. We may see the new display design in some iPhone models in the future though it is not necessary for this patented design to make it to market.

Apple’s patent-pending invention covers new ways to ensure that liquid on an iDevice multitouch display won’t interfere with touch controls as they once did. Our cover graphic shows Apple’s SVP Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller talking about their new premium iPhones provide better liquid resistance.

Apple’s invention relates to touch input processing for touch-sensitive devices, and more particularly, to filtering unintended contact detected on a touch-sensitive surface. In wet environments, in particular, water (e.g., from rain, shower, sweat, etc.) on the touch-sensitive surface can be erroneously detected as touch input and degrade touch performance.

Anti-Scratch iPhone:

The transparent cover layer may include a laser-annealed sapphire coating on the outer surface of a transparent substrate (e.g., a glass substrate). The sapphire coating may provide the display with a hard, scratch-resistant outer surface. Display layers such as an organic light emitting diode (OLED) display module may be laminated to the inner surface of the transparent substrate.

Apple is reportedly working on an OLED display without burn-in before the MicroLED Display.

Credits: PatetlyApple, CNET

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