Which Music Streaming Service is Better: Apple Music or Spotify?

Image TechCrunch

Apple Music and Spotify are the top music streaming services. It is very evident that both companies have had success with their services and are very popular. Recently, Spotify just announced that they now have over 75 million paid subscribers and over 170 million active users in total. Apple Music also has a total of 40 million subscribers. A common question that many people face is: Which service do I choose? There are pros and cons of both services and they both are very successful. So which is better?

One of the many questions faced by people deciding on a music service is: How many songs do they have? Apple Music has recently updated their library to 50 million songs. This covers all genres from old classical music to electronic dance music. Spotify has over 35 million songs and they also cover all genres. Both services have excellent sound quality as well. Both services also stream video. Spotify now has videos and podcasts from all major channels such as ABC, Comedy Central, etc. Apple Music also offers a wide selection of music videos and exclusives from different artists as they are available.

Another major question that’s asked is: How much do they cost? Spotify has two services: paid and free. The free version is what many people use, but it has ads and there are only a few options that you can use. The paid version unlocks everything, for example, ad-free music and sharing your playlists with your friends, etc. Apple Music offers everything in the paid version and there is no free version. Both services cost $10 per month and they both offer student plans at $5 a month for 4 years. They also offer a family for up to six people for $15 per month.

So, which is better? They both offer similar plans, great sound quality, and exclusives starring loads of artists and creators. Actually, it all comes down to your needs. If you are in the Apple Ecosystem already, then you should Apple Music as it seamlessly connects with all your devices. If you are not, then you should choose Spotify as it works with a range of different accessories and phones as well. So choose your service, and make sure you are upbeat about it.

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