Spotify for Apple Watch may be coming, beta testing now available

Image: Daniel Korpai / Unsplash

A long-awaited Apple Watch Spotify companion app may finally be in the works. After many attempts in recent years to bring Spotify to Apple Watch, Spotify has started testing its own, which is now available to registered beta testers in the TestFlight app.

It was first hinted by Reddit User EdmundFitzgerald29 this morning. According to him, he noticed that the TestFlight build included Apple Watch support. He says, “Just updated the TestFlight build, and there’s now an Apple Watch app. Right now it’s limited to controlling playback on the phone, however (no offline support).

Image Source: MacRumors

Many Spotify users who use an Apple Watch have been waiting for a long time for an official app. In 2017, developer Andrew Chang developed an app called ‘Spotty’ which later became ‘Snowy’ before he was brought on by Spotify to help develop their app with their iOS SDK.

In a statement by Spotify to MacRumors, “we’re always testing new products and experiences, but have no further news to share at this time.” Meaning that the app may be in testing for the foreseeable future, and may or may not release. I am hopeful.

You can register to be part of the TestFlight beta here.

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